Pick-Up & Delivery Service

Need to service your bicycle(s) but having trouble finding time to load them up and drop them off? North Texas Bikes offers standard bicycle pick-up for a flat $20 fee. This service is only available if one or more bicycle involved in the pick-up is receiving a tune up package. Delivery service is complimentary with the purchase of pick-up service AND a minimum service bill of $49. See details below.

*We currently service the following zip codes: 76240, 76233, 76271, 76258, 76266, 76227, 75009, 75078, 75068, and a select area of 75034 (Frisco addresses that are both North of Main Street AND West of Dallas North Tollway).

*Four standard bicycles can be picked-up/delivered in the same trip, to the same address. This does not include tricycles, recumbents, tandems or unicycles. We currently do not offer pick-up/delivery for tricycles, recumbents, tandems, or unicycles.

*We cannot pick-up or deliver bicycles with fenders, motors, electric assist, or stabilizer wheels installed. There will not be any refund if our driver arrives to pick-up and this stipulation is not met.

*Pick-up/delivery service is available ONLY if a minimum of one bicycle is receiving a tune-up package. We do not offer Pick-Up/Delivery Service on requests solely for "a la carte" service(s). If you are wanting a free estimate(s), you may bring your bicycle(s) to the store during our next day of business open to the public (see the upper left corner banner on the Home page).

*Delivery service is complimentary with the purchase of pick-up service ($20) AND a minimum service bill of $60. If the minimum service bill is not $60 or more pre-tax, after-coupon/discount, customer is welcome to purchase delivery service for $20.

*This is a pick-up/delivery service only. By scheduling an appointment, customer agrees to be available during the 2-hour time window scheduled. Customer agrees to bring bicycles out to driver. Driver will not go into a home, garage, backyard, or any confined area of space to retrieve bicycle(s). Bicycles will be evaluated at North Texas Bikes by a mechanic. The driver cannot give you an estimate or discuss repairs with you. Cancellations and/or rescheduling requests are accepted up to 12 hours before the scheduled start of pick-up/delivery time window.


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